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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dreamy Eyes

Moist they become, thinking of you;
Joyful they are, looking at you.

Living in your thoughts;
Driven by your charts.
Gazing through the slits;
They wonder the blitz.

Against the wind, they hold;
Agony yet, fail to be bold.
Unkind they act, never care for the moisture;
Drains out the mist, care for her gesture.

Gloomy eyes they are,
Dreamy Eyes they are. . . .

Friday, August 24, 2007

One kind kiss for my fondling heart..!!!

The moon fully lit, the clouds passing by,
sweet scent of the jasmine in reply,
wondering it to be a dream come true.
There she was, whispering through the air,
my small heart beating in my downy ribs,
her warm hair was flowing through my senses,
turning me vague in thy nuances.
Making sweet and sacred all the darkened hair,
where my love may laugh and kiss apart,
ripping through all my sacred desires.
It was a moment I drew past,
forever may it last!!!!

A Glimpse of Heaven..

The winds were blazing,
And the waves blushing, my high spirits.

Far away was a light,
And I thought, it was the end of my plight.

Streaks of light flashing through the dark,
There I could see the vigil of the lark.

Drops were falling down the heaven,
As though the blessings given.

It may not be what I thought,
But it definitely is what it ought.
A glimpse of heaven is what I got!!!!!

A Drop of Blood..

Seeing the Sun rise, I stood all alone,
Seeing the birds chirping is gone.

Sighing at my memoirs,
Parting me and my chores.

Pleading him to be my savior,
All the way long the river.

Casing myself along with the wind,
Thy getting embraced upon him to be kind.

Waiting for aficionada to return,
Thy eyes care for a drop of blood in the urn.

Krishna nee begane... Baro..

All the news channels shouting out the “Guruvayoor temple issue of allowing the non-hindus”…Hyped news it is!!!!
Things were going weird with the ousting of the Kerala CM from the party. The news arrived, to the rescue of Mr. Achyutanandan. The heated discussion went extremes as all channels echoed it around India. Protests were on their way to the head priest of the temple, who welcomed them with ease. Singer Mr. K. J. Yesudas, had the same problem with the temple authorities, as a result of which he sings for Krishna outside the temple. Voices of the eminent echoed on this occasion and ultimately yielding no result.
The actual story is that many religious extensions in India have this rule of disallowing people of other religion. Why is the government not looking into others but only to the Hindu temples? Let’s dwell into this a bit….
The Congress has always been the lousiest rules of India, especially to the Gandhi family who think that India is their ancestral property. As a result of which POK was given away to the ever hungry Pakistan by Ms. Indira Gandhi. Now, Rahul speaks of his family doing all good things for India, in his UP election campaign. All this adds up to the Gandhi family’s instincts with India and its politics.
The catholic Sonia Gandhi and the minority supportive government, watch for these types of dethroning the Hindu religion from the people’s minds. These matters fuel the Christian missionaries for converting poor Hindus into Christianity; which is burning and hurting many Hindus in and around the country. Kofi Annan said “To save the world from devastation and ill-fate, all the people should convert into Hinduism”. The same was said by Mr. Roosevelt, and the speeches added by Swami Vivekananda were revolutionary.And the credit should also be given to the media which has everything in the headlines column. People should be educated about discovering the routed evil in the society.
Alas people should get to know that the politicians are playing with them and their money. Media should also stop highlighting such incidents. Perhaps all the religious heads should discuss these matters where they don’t hurt each others sentiments.
Lord Krishna would love to see his children i.e. us, living happily with each other.He would also be the savior to all those who pray him, irrespective of the religion, caste and creed.
Hey Krishna! Save us from the hatred and teach us how to love each other….
“Sarve janah, sukhino bhavanthu”

My Tryst into her anger..

Violent it was, like a tornado.
Ripping through my yacht, in one go.

The anger of the thunder swords,
Making me trammel over my words.

Thwarting me all along the way,
Leaving me blood stripped in the bay.

The fury very unkind,
Coloring me an eddo.

Loosing all my senses I lay,
Thy tryst with her anger, ending me in cay.

Under my angel's feet

The silhouette that broke my senses apart,
God’s elite creations, I thought.

Escorting the God’s ford I was,
Like a genus bos.

My darkness bowed over to her scintillations,
Thus engraving agape, leading me to abyss.

Her flowing aura renders passions,
Desirous enough touch my angel’s trance.

Laying in her love nest,
I cry out my amorous zest.

Envying the smudge touching my angel’s imprints,
I turn cuddly to move along her grins.

To feel her feet makes me happy,
So gorgeous she is, to give my lips on her tender feet.